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Session 1 – June 3rd -7th

Session 2 – June 17th – 21st

Session 3 – July 8th – 12th


Embark on a summer like no other at our exclusive day camp nestled on the enchanting shores of Lake Lanier, Georgia! Tailored for adventurers aged 12-18, our unique camp offers an unparalleled combination of excitement and skill development. Dive into the world of water sports with top-notch instruction and a focus on safety, ensuring that every moment is both thrilling and secure. From the serene waters of lake kayaking to the exhilarating twists of river kayaking, our expert-led sessions guarantee an immersive experience that hones both technique and confidence.

But the adventure doesn’t end with kayaking – our camp boasts a spectrum of aquatic delights, including lake paddle boarding, e-foiling, and wake surfing. Here, teens can master the art of balance on a paddleboard, experience the futuristic thrill of e-foiling, and catch the perfect wave through wake surfing lessons with Wake N Lake Lanier. With safety as our priority, our skilled instructors guide campers through each activity, fostering a supportive environment for skill development and fostering new friendships. Join us for the only day camp of its kind on Lake Lanier, where top-notch instruction, safety, and fun converge to create a summer filled with unforgettable moments and water-bound excitement!

Drop off is from 8:00 to 9:00 am and pick up is from 4:00 to 5:00 pm with late pick up available if needed. Minimum 5 campers enrolled to move forward with session. Two weeks notice given prior to session date for if session is confirmed. For FULTON & FORSYTH residents a 7am shuttle pick up is available at Windermere Commons.

Preordered lunches can be purchased or campers can bring their own.

Pricing is $975 per session